HEDLAND Flow Meters

HEDLAND Flow Meters

About Us...

Cross Company has led the way in Industrial Distribution in the Southeastern USA for close to 60 years. As a forward looking company since our creation in 1954, it's no surprise that when the opportunity to expand our product offering to customers outside of our normal trade areas via the internet came along, we jumped at the chance!

As pioneers in industrial eCommerce, with over a decade of service to our online customers, weBuyCrossCo.comrecognized early on that the internet and eCommerce were the future of our industry.

As a result, we opened the virtual doors to our first online store in September, 2004. Although competition was slim in those early days, that didn't last for long as others attempted to copy our success. To set ourselves apart, we quickly realized that the key to our success in the virtual world was to simply mimic the same corporate values and principles that made Cross Company stand out in a very crowded traditional industrial distribution market.

With an emphasis on honesty, product knowledge, available inventory and first clase customer service, Cross Company has remained at the top of a now very crowded, virtual marketplace! And by using those core principles as our guide, one store became two and two became three and so on...

The unprecedented success that each store experienced soon after going live was celebrated with the creation of a new store, all with a product offering crafted around the different needs of our traditional instrumentation, automation and hydraulic customer base.

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