Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, ROSS CONTROLS® is an international manufacturer of pneumatic valves, controls systems, and safety products for the fluid power industry. Since being established in 1921, ROSS has always been one of the industrys strongest leaders in pneumatic valve technology. 

ROSS focus is to continue to be a formidable competitor in key industries where its tailored technology offers customers a distinct value advantage. 

ROSS has ISO 9000 certified facilities and sales offices located in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan. In addition, ROSS has dedicated sales offices in Brazil, France, India, and China, which are augmented by a worldwide network of 145 stocking distributors for a truly global customer service capability.

ROSS CONTROLS® is a leading global supplier of safety products and pneumatic controls for the Press Metalforming Industry. In the mid-1950's ROSS was the first to introduce double valve technology to the press industry, improving standards and operator safety on mechanical power presses. Over the years, ROSS has shown continued innovation in the field of control reliable double valve technology for clutches and brakes, but we have also developed products for a wide variety of press line applications and press-related systems.

From de-stackers and tilt tables to counterbalance and transfer feeds, ROSS has the products and global experience you depend on for unparalleled service life and the protection of workers and equipment.
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